2008 November 25

Winter is here and even real men get cold. Don’t let yourself turn into the Father Christmas of your street though – you can keep warm without looking like the Michelin Man. Here are five tips to keep you warm and sleek at once:

1.    Keep to dark colours, especially for the lower body.  To ensure you look slimmer than you really are, make sure your trousers are a minimum of one shade darker than your sweatshirt, jumper or hoodie, and your jacket is at least one shade lighter than whatever you wear on your upper body. This acts as a visual trick the jacket looks biggest, because it’s palest, then when you take the jacket off, the hoodie looks bigger than your trousers because it’s lighter than them, so your lower body always appears slimmer.
2.    Wear a fleece jacket or a sleeveless fleece for bulk-free warmth.  The core body temperature is what makes you feel warm or cold, so keeping the chest, back and abdomen warm is key to feeling generally toasty.
3.    Cheat by wearing silk long johns under clothing to stay warm from the inside out. Their insulating properties ensure you don’t have to wear bulky outer clothing.
4.    We lose 10% of our body heat through our heads – a good hat can save you needing to wear that thick jumper that makes you look like Homer Simpson.
5.    Finally, once winter arrives, red and white always look like Father Christmas. Don’t wear them together if you are on the large side!

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