2008 November 20

One of the biggest bargains around this winter is a ski holiday – prices are falling faster than a novice on the piste, as the credit crunch bites home in the mountains too.  If you fancy some winter exercise and you’ve nabbed a ski holiday at rock bottom prices, there’s still the issue of clothing to consider.  But remember, there’s really no need to invest in expensive ski clothes for your first ski holiday.

All you need is a couple of warm well-fitting jumpers or sweatshirts, a fleece jacket and a waterproof and some well insulated trousers (not denim, which chafes) as well as a winter jacket that you fleece will fit under. Waterproof trousers are a good idea too. Finally you need some good gloves and some high visibility wear such as a hat or jacket.

If you buy ski clothing that can be used in any cold weather conditions, you’ll be doubling your investment – you save money by not paying fancy prices and you gain clothing you can wear on a winter walk or trip to the pub. As an example, a fleece jacket can be used as an insulating layer during cold weather, and worn by itself on spring days.  If you’re concerned about fashion and think you might want to invest in your own skis at some future point, buy ski clothing that is neutral in colour such as black, grey or brown, so that whatever investment you make in skis, there won’t be a colour clash.

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