2008 October 15

Stedman polo shirt
We regret to announce that prices will finally be going up on Polo-shirts.co.uk. We have held out for 3 years, keeping our prices rock bottom, but due to many external forces we have eventually had to increase prices on certain brands and products.

Why are clothing prices increasing?

Suppliers have put their prices up
Our suppliers have put their prices up to a level that we have had to reflect in our own prices. Brands that have, or will be increasing their prices include Stedman and Fanshirt. Baseball caps have also increased because of supplier costs.

Cotton prices have gone up
Less cotton has been planted in 2008 than in recent years. This is largely due to U.S farmers switching to more lucrative crops. Last year global demand outstripped supply by about a million tons, and with less cotton planted this inbalance has only got worse. This is having a massive impact on the price of cotton, which is used in T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts and just about all promotional clothing.

The Exchange rate
Sterling is falling against the dollar which is having an impact on most UK industries, and wholesale clothing is no exception.

Manufacturing costs
Rising energy and fuel prices have massively increased the cost of running a factory. Therefore, clothing factories, already working on tight margins have increased their prices to reflect this.

The Global Credit Crunch

The Global credit crunch has reached the clothing industry, especially the Cheap T-Shirt manufacturers who are finding it harder to raise finance in the current financial climate

Beat the credit crunch

Although we are having to increase prices we continue to bring you the best value clothing around whilst guaranteeing high quality garments. In a time when inflation is putting more and more pressure on your wallet why not give our value clothing a try? We sell many t-shirts for £2 and less, far below most high street prices. Buy in bulk and our prices get even lower. Although our prices may be going up we are still the best place to find high quality bargains from basic plain t shirts to Sweatshirts and Fleece Jackets