2008 October 13

According to the Daily Mail, this winter’s top fashion buy is … the polo-shirt!

Driven by a peculiar combination of credit-crunch bargain-hunting which makes the adaptable, easy-wash polo shirt a real winner in style and economy stakes and sudden popularity with as disparate a collection of style leaders as this year’s top indie bands, fashion icon Agyness Deyn and, apparently, Amy Winehouse, the polo-shirt is on top form. Fashion predictions are that the hit colours for women will be lime green and yellow polo-shirts, while men can expect to receive many pastel polo-shirts in their Christmas stockings – it’s being dubbed the ‘Brideshead effect’ and is likely to mean that blue, mint and pink polo-shirts are all the rage.

For the workplace too, polo-shirts seem to be winning friends and influencing people, from David Cameron’s dress down polo-shirt when he’s out meeting constituency people, through to John McCain’s stroll through Baghdad in a blue polo-shirt and bulletproof vest, contenders are making use of the polo-shirt to show their ‘reality’ to the voters. It must be working, at least for the shirts, because reports say polo-shirt sales are up 40% at John Lewis, that arbiter of what the British public really, really wants!