2008 September 29


One secondary school in England has decided to change its uniform radically, and claims the new look is a hit with pupils and parents. Students at the Cooper School in Churchill Road, Bucks used to wear purple polo-shirts and black trousers or skirts, but the casual top has been changed into a white shirt, tie and a black blazer. To launch the new uniform, the school gave all students a black and blue striped tie along with a sew-on school badge free of charge. Headteacher Ben Baxter said the decision to change uniform had not been taken lightly, and followed consultation with students, parents, governors and staff. ‘The school firmly believes in the maxim of Look smart, Be smart,’ He said ‘We hope the obvious pride the students are showing will express itself in the level of progress in their learning over the coming year.’ One wonders how the parents will feel when the added laundry costs start to factor into the equation …

And in Ireland The Department of Education has recommended that there be no change in how schools decide their uniform policies. New say the current system, which allows schools decide uniform policy at local level, is reasonable and should be maintained. The guidelines were drawn up after disquiet earlier in the year over the wearing of the Hijab by Muslim students. The guidelines say no school uniform policy should act in such a way that it would exclude students of a particular religious background from the school. Commenting on the guidelines, the Minister for Education said while 92% of schools in the country were under the patronage of one religion, that fact had not … excluded pupils of different religions from these schools.

Purple polo courtesy of safi

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