2008 June 23


Polo-shirts are the easiest thing to take on holiday – smart enough (with a jacket) for almost any dining venue and yet comfortable enough for a day’s sightseeing or beach lounging. With a few polo-shirts in your suitcase you have no clothing worries.  But how do you pack them? Like this:

Ø      Take one polo-shirt and button the collar buttons. Pull the collar straight (or fold it to save on storage space). Hold the shirt by the shoulder seams and shake it so the front and back are properly aligned as if it were on a hanger

Ø      Place the polo-shirt face down on a bed or table top and smooth out wrinkles from top to bottom and from side to side.

Ø      Grip the shoulder seam in one hand and with the other take the corresponding sleeve and fold it into the middle of the shirt so that the fold makes a perpendicular line from the shoulder seam to the bottom of the shirt. Fold the shirt sleeve in half.

Ø      Repeat with the other side of the polo-shirt. Smooth out wrinkles while you fold so there will be fewer wrinkles when you wear the shirt.

Ø      Take hold of the bottom right and left sides of the folded shirt. Bring the bottom edge of the shirt up to the bottom of the sleeves. This divides the shirt into thirds.

Ø      Bring the folded edge to the top edge of the collar. Turn the shirt over and straighten any wrinkles. Place the folded polo-shirt in your suitcase.

Packed case courtesy of tomeppy

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