2008 June 16


Not bend it like Beckham, but polo it like William!  The young man who will eventually be heir to the throne of England has never failed to cause a media riot, but this time, when he stripped off one polo-shirt to don another, the resulting storm of camera shutters nearly startled the polo ponies.  Of course everybody is interested in the Prince, but this close attention to his torso may be unwelcome – even if he does seem to have toned up considerably in recent months.

He turned his back to the cameras to remove a bright red polo-shirt (this year’s hot colour, as everybody knows) to replace it with a powder blue one. It seems the intensive flying course he took before being awarded his RAF wings in April has buffed up his bod to an impressive extent.

The prince who, like his father, is a keen polo-player was competing at the annual Chakravarty Cup event in Richmond with his team Umbongo, to raise money for the Prince’s Trust. Fashion stores in the Sloane Square area are already laying in stocks of red and powder blue polo-shirts …

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