2008 April 23


Well, sometimes they become ‘vintage’ or ‘collectable’ (1970s McDonalds workwear is selling for a goodly price on eBay) and sometimes it just gets dumped in rubbish bins or charity shops, but Festival Place shopping centre in Basingstoke has something else in mind.  Their old uniforms are to be recycled. More than 600 items, including: 

  • 350 shirts
  • 140 pairs of trousers
  • 50 jumpers and cardigans
  • 20 Hi-Viz coats
  • 30 Hi-Viz waistcoats
  • 30 ties
  • 60 fleeces
  • 20 blazers
  • and four suits, have been collected. 

They will all be sent to Devizes Textile which will sort through the items, sending the best quality clothing to Africa to be reworn, and recycling the rest into items for industrial use. Danny Williamson, company partner at Devizes Textiles, was equally happy to help. He said, ‘This is the first shopping centre that we have worked with and we look forward to working with them in the future to help reduce Basingstoke’s landfill.’

Workwear, and work colleague, photograph courtesy of Robstephaustralia

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