2008 April 8


Next time you see people wearing polo shirts, check to see if the logo has one or two horsemen. There’s a big legal dispute going on in the USA over precisely this, because US Polo Association’s logo is similar to the one made famous by Ralph Lauren because, as they say, they are the main organisation for the sport of polo in the United States and it seems a little odd for them not to be able to depict the sport on their own clothing. Now it seems that Ralph Lauren may be about to lose the battle to stop the US Polo Association using two horseman striking the ball in their logo. The association also has USPA underneath their two polo players logo on their clothing but Ralph Lauren feels that this infringes their logo and the Polo Association’s polo shirts may be mistaken for Polo Ralph Lauren and is trying to get the logo banned. The battle between Ralph Lauren and the Polo Association has been going on since the 1980s and although it now appears that courts may be willing to uphold the USPA’s right to continue with their logo.
Polo courtesy of Paul Keleher

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