2008 March 10


The pages of GQ, Maxim and all the other upscale men’s magazines are increasingly featuring … fashion. Okay, they haven’t got quite as far as having their own Trinny and Suzannah makeover team yet, but what to wear is obviously important to men today. So what does all the magazine advice boil down to?

    * Well-fitting jeans – not skin tight, and not loose enough to show your boxers to the world.
    * Leather belts – simple black and brown belts are valuable for getting trousers to fit perfectly, so you don’t have a sagging backside when you want to impress the ladies!
    * Polo shirts – Polo shirts are great for everyday wear with khaki shorts or jeans, and can take you from the office to the pub, or out for dinner with the girlfriend without needing a change of clothing, but don’t turn the collar up, it looks ridiculous.
    * Suits – well, a suit. You only need one, two button suit in black or navy – remember there are weddings and funerals, job interviews and court appearances (hopefully only as a witness) in your future, all of which need a good suit!
    * White tailored shirt – that’s a shirt with tails, in case you didn’t know – you need it to go with your suit and it has to be fitted to tuck neatly into your trousers.
    * Dress shoes – to go with the suit obviously. You know the joke about the man in a dinner jacket and black trainers? Well it’s not funny. A pair of dress shoes is essential to any sense of style – black is best, brown works too, but isn’t as versatile.
    * Hoodie – yes, the garment that terrifies old ladies and gets banned from shopping centres counts as style because it’s great for weekend mornings, going to the gym and just lounging around in – but you need to pick the best quality hoodie you can get, in 100% cotton, or it will soon look like a rag.
    * T-shirts – plain white and plain black T-shirts are like skin, without them you can’t feel comfortable! They can be layered under formal shirts, or polo shirts or just worn by themselves.

George Clooney courtesy of wave-rider

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