2008 March 3


School-wear retailers in the UK are expanding – and so are their customers. With children growing larger every year, parents struggle to find uniform components that will fit them. Peter Crouch has to have his Liverpool kit specially made for his long arms and legs, but he’s no longer exceptional. When Sir Steve Redgrave appealed for ‘tall people’ to take part in training for the 2012 Olympics, one young hopeful was seventeen-year-old student Chris Gregory, who is 6-foot-9, and now training with Britain’s volleyball squad! In fact more than fifty young athletes over 6-foot-3 for men and 5-foot-11 for women have been found as a result of the initiative.

One Sussex mother became so disgusted by the situation that she took things into her own hands. Her fifteen-year-old-son has a forty-eight inch chest and his school uniform blazer only went up to forty. She was told she could order a larger one but would have to pay more for ‘extra tailoring’ and the VAT because it was an adult size! Undeterred, she tracked down the manufacturer herself, ordered the right size at cost, and got the school uniform badge made up by a local embroidery firm – now she’s taking orders from other parents at the school and making a profit on the deal!

Many schools have chosen to respond to this increase in child size by allowing polo shirts and white T-shirts or plain white collared shirts to be worn, with only a fleece or sweatshirt needing to bear the uniform crest or logo.

Big girls, small uniforms image courtesy of meg and rahul

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