2008 February 8

arca-usrodeosupply.jpg Less than a year ago, Michael McDowell was entering his first season as a stock car driver. Now the 23 year old is taking a full-time place in the ARCA series. He says that his success is down to his approach to life, and clothing. ‘Since I was racing go-karts, I’ve always had [the mentality] that you show up at the track with your shirt tucked in and a nice polo shirt. You make sure you have media kits and [autograph] cards and you sign every autograph you can, and you stay an extra 10 minutes because that’s what it’s about. It’s about the people who are coming to see you [race]. It’s about the media that’s coming to cover you and it’s about the sponsors that make this all happen … I’ve always made sure I’ve performed on the track, but off the track is equally important.’

And in Silicon Valley, as Valentine’s Day approaches, the polo shirts make an appearance as Cupid’s Little Helper! The CEO of Table for Six Total Adventures (a match-making service set up for techies) says, ‘We definitely have to talk to techies about grooming and social skills.’ Julie Paiva goes on to add that her credentials are impressive; her agency can claim credit for more than 900 marriages in the Silicon Valley area. So what’s the secret? ‘We tell techies to get a nice dinner jacket, even if it’s just to pop over a Polo-shirt.’

ARCA photograph courtesy of USRodeoSupplies

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