2008 January 17

spice-girls-tkkate.jpg This year they are going to be wearing Roberto Cavalli – or at least, since all five Spice Girls were sitting in the front of his autumn/winter menswear show in Milan – presumably that’s what they are buying for their chaps.

Since David Beckham left England we haven’t seen so much of him and Victoria was didn’t have him in tow for the Cavalli show, but that could be for another reason – his latest modelling role: poster-boy for Emporio Armani underwear. “If I looked like that I’d walk down the street in my panties, too,” she mused. Hmm… really? Well sometimes, as in the recent tour photos, it does rather look as if her undies were on show anyway.

Good news for guys who don’t like to shop! The big colour on the autumn catwalks seems to be gunmetal (dark grey to you and me) and that means that you don’t have to be dragged out to buy the latest daffodil yellow or ‘eau de nil’ coloured garment by a fashion-conscious partner. If you are keen on getting it just right, that gunmetal does have a metallic edge to it, and is being teamed with a deep brown red, variously called ox-blood and burnt earth.

Spice girls on tour by tkkate

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