2008 January 7

bottega-veneta-maulleigh.jpgWell, a lot of lines seem to be playing it safe, especially in menswear, which is not unusual – history shows that in a year when a recession is expected, menswear will not normally make any substantial changes in cut, colour or style – and both in the UK and the USA people are tightening their belts and locking their wallets as mortgage repossessions and petrol price hikes hit hard.

Some lines are picking through the punk theme that appeared last year, rehashing old black and white images from that era on more upscale clothing like polo-shirts or short sleeved cotton shirts.  Black and white is still very much with us, and the shiny materials that featured in the new Lacoste range are also appearing in most lines.  But those bright greens, yellows and reds that turned up on the catwalk are also starting to appear in the High Street.

Flags seem popular – lots of male clothing is featuring flags from across Europe, with the underlying theme of sporting nations – so look out for three lions everywhere.  And finally there’s a new kid on the block, pushing a strong casual menswear line – the Bottega Veneta label  which is now part of the Gucci empire.  The line offers a step up from the average Polo-shirt – but with man-bags coming in at £1700 each, the average shopper might look twice at the price and move on!

Bottega Veneta by Maulleigh

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