2007 December 10


Have you booked your work Christmas party yet?  If so, this might be something you’d rather not know – more than a third of kitchen workers do not wash their hands after using the lavatory – and more than half never wash their hands before touching food, according to a survey by the Food Standards Agency. The poll of 1,000 staff in restaurants, hotels, take-aways and pubs showed under two thirds had a certificate in basic food hygiene and a terrifying less than 3% of managers understood the importance of training staff in food hygiene issues.

Quite scary stuff, but the domestic market isn’t necessarily any better.  Remember Fanny Cradock (if you do, you’re showing your age!) who never wore an apron?  Well if it’s good enough for Delia and Nigella, it should be good enough for us.  Jamie still turns up in his chef’s whites, and who could forget that however filthy Gordon Ramsay might be in the mouth department, he wears chef’s white AND an apron!

We tend to think of protective clothing as protecting us, (as in keeping us safe, like steel toe-capped boots etc) but it can also be to protect others – whether we work at Langan’s Brasserie or just make cold turkey sandwiches at home, wearing an apron means we keep hygiene to the forefront of our minds – we wash aprons more often than ordinary clothes, we notice if they become stained or greasy and we tend to wash our hands more if we’re wearing one: this means we don’t spread germs around and we seal any germs or dirt on our day clothes under our aprons so they can’t affect the food we cook.  So go on, give Mum (or Dad if he’s the cook in your house) an apron for Christmas – you know it makes sense!

aprons by craftybunny

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