2007 October 26

polo-uniform-laffy4k.jpg One special school in Wales has seen a marked improvement in the last academic year, with pupil achievements up and exclusions down, but pupils are keen to do even better.  And a large part of their desire for better performance is linked to the creation of a school uniform based on that old favourite, the polo-shirt! 

As part of a campaign led by the new head-teacher, the pupils, all boys aged 11 to 16, were asked to design a school badge and given a say in the new uniform colours.  A design based around the ‘G’ of Greenhill School in a gothic cross was chosen as the winner, and pupils voted to wear black. “The uniform will help ensure that Greenhill has an identity like all the other schools in the city,” said Assistant Head Phil Haynes. “The pupils have played their part in the design and agreeing on the colour. Now we are organising fundraising events to help ensure that we can purchase a polo-shirt with the school badge for every pupil to help families with the cost of paying for the entire uniform. This is all part of our bid to raise standards. Our aim is not just to be a good school but a great school. And we tell the pupils that while they may have had difficulties and have been referred to Greenhill, this is a fresh start and a chance to achieve their best and look to the future.” To help raise funds for the new polo-shirts, an auction will be held at the school site on Saturday, November 10.

Polo-shirt school fashions photography by laffy4k, used under a creative commons attribution licence

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