2007 July 30

If you are truly passionate about screen printing and it is an area you wish to become involved in then this may be just the course for you. Recently I posted a video which explained how to do your own screen printing, but I understand that using the equipment whilst struggling to follow a video on a nearby computer might be difficult!

If you wish to become familiar with the basics, expand upon your existing skills, discuss ideas with a professional or just meet like minded hobbyists then make sure you visit Farncombe Estate when they hold their screen printing course on the 3-5 October 2008.


Hosted by Alicia Merret, an award winning designer whose work has been displayed internationally, the course is aimed at beginners and will teach how to screen-print text on cotton fabrics using acrylic paints through special screens made from computer lettering and other sources of text. You will also get the chance to “experiment with ideas and designs, and start making textile pieces incorporating words and script, using fabric collage, fusing, and fabric piecing techniques”.

If you are planning to attend be sure to enquire as to availability, as no doubt places will be scarce! You must also remember that although screens, paints, printing tools and equipment will be provided you must bring your own fabrics to print on and some other items, a full list of which can be found Here.

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