2007 July 6

There were three separate articles in this months ‘Printwear Today’ all documenting the Austrian screen-printing company MHM’s continued rapid expansion.

Founded only 27 years ago and now with dealers in 24 countries MHM has quickly established itself as the leading manufacturer of award-winning modern, efficient and easy to use screen printing equipment. Continuing its plans to grow in the UK, MHM has recently moved its sales office to new quarters in Derby, in preparation for further expansion plans. MHM has also recently revamped its online capabilities, with a new-look website enabling potential and existing customers to obtain advice and see their screen-printing equipment in action thanks to updated video feeds. Equipment specifications and brochures are now available as downloadable content and they are the first screen printing manufacturer to actually provide software updates for their products via their website, these can be instantly accessed by any purchaser of a machine and are easy to implement.

But perhaps the best indicator of MHM’s plans for dominance of the market is the hotly anticipated new digital textile printer that John Potter, of MHM Direct, promises will “revolutionise the industry”. Set to be introduced in January 2008 all that has been revealed of the system is that it has been developed with “one of the largest ink suppliers in the world”, it has been produced with high production capability in mind and that first test prints have been highly successful.


MHM no doubt hopes that the new system will be as well recieved as the Synchroprint 4000 AC

The innovative new system, which is fully patent protected and necessitated the production of speciality ink, is so powerful that Potter fully expects it to “reverse the trend of printed garment work going off shore”. Good times are in store for British screen printers it seems, we’ll keep you posted if any more details come to light.

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