2020 March 12

Spring has almost sprung! Can you guess what that means?

We’re having a spring sale!

For a limited time only, you can save up to 50% on four of our bestselling items! The offer ends 16th March at 5pm GMT — so you don’t want to miss out.

The items range from inner to mid-layer pieces, and were carefully hand-picked with the upcoming season in mind.

Not sure what to get? Need a little more guidance?

Here are the biggest highlights of each:

Fruit of the Loom Original T-Shirt

This is a classic t-shirt, suitable to all uses ranging from corporate to casual.

It comes in 22 different colours, of which 21 are made from 100% cotton*.

According to former customer, Barrie, these t-shirts “are extremely well made & really look very smart when worn. They fit well & are very comfortable. They also wash up well & retain their shape, even after numerous washes. All in all, a most acceptable product at an attractive price”.

What’s more, the price is now even more attractive; we’ve reduced these tees from £2.33 to £1.65 per garment.

*Heather Grey is 97% cotton, 3% polyester

Tee Jays Luxury Polo

If you’re looking for a slightly more formal, perhaps even classier, short-sleeved top, this Luxury Stretch Polo is the way to go.

It comes in 15 colours, and all of which are made of 95% ring spun cotton, guaranteeing a flattering, tailored fit.

Grab them while you can, as they’re currently reduced by 33%!

AWDis Street Hoodie 

For a cool-yet-warm layer, look no further than this hoodie.

As Peter from Braunton can attest, “this Street Hoodie is the best fit of any hoodie [he has] had.” He also says he wears his hoodie regularly and finds it very comfortable.

And if that doesn’t convince you, it’s only half price!

And last, but certainly not least, is…

Regatta Thor III Fleece Jacket 

This fleece is warm, soft, quick-drying, and less likely to form bobbles. Its zipped pockets are practically safe, and the jacket itself can also zip into other Regatta products for an extra layer of water-resistance. It also comes in a surprising number of colours!

This is the fleece our staff wears to work most days of the week because we love it that much.

Regatta Thor III Fleece Jacket

And once again, everything is reduced right now, so don’t miss this opportunity! You’ve got 4 days to make the most of our sale!


2020 February 21

This February, we’re all about layers. And the best bit? We’ve got another deal on!

The items in our Huge Hoodie Sale are up to 40% off, so it’s the perfect time to shop for your spring/summer outerwear (or extra layers for the current storms).

We’ve got two hoodies by AWDis to satisfy all your casual quality needs. Their men’s Zoodie is available in a choice of 20 different colours, while the Girlie College Hoodie comes in a whopping 26. What do you even do with all that choice? Both pieces comprise 80% cotton and ribbed detailing for extra comfort.

But if all you really need is a sturdy, unisex piece, you should look into our Gildan Adult Hoodies — which come in no less than 25 colours. The air-jet-spun yarn provides a softer feel and keeps pilling at bay, meanwhile the double-lined hood is bound to keep you warm.

And if you’re looking for something a little less casual and a little more practical, you’ll definitely want to check out this Yoko Hi-Vis Pullover HoodieIt’s currently reduced from £28.55 to £16.99 per garment, so grab it while you can. This soft alternative to a thick jacket is still comfortable, while also being suitable for work that requires maximum visibility — or the route home after dark.

Just remember, pick what you like, order it while the deal lasts, and wrap up warm!

2020 February 13

DID YOU KNOW it isn’t too late to grab a bargain in our winter sale?

Yes, really!

It may be Valentine’s Day, but spring definitely hasn’t arrived yet, so we’re letting the good deals roll on — and you should definitely take advantage. In the spirit of today’s holiday, I thought it would be fitting to talk about the biggest bestseller in this sale, and hopefully inspire you on your next shop with us.

The item in question, our community’s one true love, is (drum-roll, please) … the Fruit of the Loom Poly/Cotton Polo Shirt

We personally love it because it comes in fifteen different swanky shades and is made of easy-care pique fabric (which is ideal for workwear). But there’s so much more to it than that. With over 320 reviews on our store, and an average score of 5 Stars, I think it’s important that we hear what you, the customers, have to say about this particularly pleasing polo:

“Very nice fit, very good quality sizing is very accurate, very good value for money feels like a designer logo [without] having to pay.” – Oliver B.
“Quality Polo shirt at supermarket own brand prices. You can tell the difference as soon as you put one on. It is a little more snug than the medium I would expect but that will encourage me to lose the ‘tummy’. Overall very satisfied and will buy again.” – Paul W.
“Good shirts. Wash well and last quite a long time which is excellent for work shirts.” – Johnathan C.
“Bought two Fruit of the Loom Polo Shirts. Excellent quality and fit and a good price.” – David B.

So what’re you waiting for?! Check out our winter sales (and especially this Fruit of the Loom polo) while you still can!



2020 February 5

It may already be February (where has the time gone? I’m still working off the Christmas weight…) but the weather isn’t getting much warmer any time soon.

With the temperature this week forecast for as low as 1°C, and the sky looking rainy and cloudy throughout, it’s important we wrap up and stay dry. I can’t deny, I’m getting a little bored of my winter wardrobe, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were as well. But with our website currently hosting a half-price winter sale, there’s no better time to stock up on cosy clothing.

To save you some hassle, I’ve gone through our site and come up with a short list of this season’s must-buys:


  1. These thermal fleece gloves are just £4.63 for a pair — and, as always, only get cheaper if you buy in bulk. We offer four different colours but I definitely think red is the grooviest choice.
  2. But if, like me, you prefer the practicality of fingerless gloves, you might want to check out this pair of Thinsulate half-finger gloves for £4.61 a piece.
  3. We also have a range of striped, two-tone varsity scarves by Beechfield in stock. I personally liked the black and gold combination as it reminds me of Hogwarts’ Gryffindor House.
  4. Stay on-trend and unbothered by the cold in a micro fleece beanie. These exceptionally warm hats are offered in the two most classic, versatile shades: black and navy.
  5. Finish off the look with an item that does exactly what it says on the tin, the Dickies Combat Bodywarmer. It also comes with loads of pockets, which always makes life easier.

Of course, these are just a few of my personal favourites. Feel free to browse the rest of our sales and other stock, and remember to stay warm!



2020 January 31

Fashion Jackson



If you’re anything like me, picking outfits can sometimes be overwhelming.

You want to wear a look that balances comfort and style, as well as appearing well put-together without being overthought. But once you factor in patterns, textures, and layers, so many variables could go wrong. Not to mention, wearing two or more of your favourite items or statement pieces can often lead to a clash.

I’ve definitely been guilty of owning too many exciting items and not knowing how to wear them. But times are changing. Minimalism is trendier than ever, thrift culture is booming, and wardrobes are emptying. I have recently gone on multiple purges, narrowing down my favourite pieces and learning to complement them with versatile basics. Because that’s the key: versatility.

Living a sustainable life does not have to get in the way of style; you just have to make more calculated decisions and purchases. And I believe there are a few core items that all compact wardrobes can use as a base.



1. The Trifecta of Jeans

Jeans are an essential part of any wardrobe, but — with so many variations in size and cut — you can quickly build up a bit of a collection. My advice is to find the shape that flatters you best (while remaining practical) and purchase it in three colours: black, light wash, and dark wash denim. These three shades will have you set for any combination of tops, shoes, or outerwear — and hopefully relieve some of the stress of outfit building as well.

2. Monochrome Basics

In a similar vein, owning black and white tops in various sleeve lengths will help you overcome the struggle of matching patterns and textures. If you accessories or wear a more exciting layer on top, these pieces set you up to look impressive with ease. We offer a range of basics in black, white, and colour on our online store, which you can check out here.

3. The Statement Pieces

Now that you’ve got a selection of safe and flexible tops and bottoms, it’s time to have some fun. This is an area where my advice has to remain a little more vague, because the whole point of statement pieces is to express your own individual style, however you define that. But on a more personal note, I find myself drawn to crazy shoes. Platforms, neon patterns… If you can think of them, I’ve probably owned them at some point.

The best part is that I can pair them with any of my basics, and they escalate the entire outfit as a result. So I can look fashionable when really all I’ve done is throw on jeans, a t-shirt, and some abnormal footwear.

And you can easily do the same in any configuration. If you prefer crazy trousers (I’ve been there as well) then buy yourself some basic shoes, and so on. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

I wish you luck, and happy shopping!

2016 September 2

Polo-Shirts.co.uk terms & conditions for £100 giveaway

  1. Draw will take place once a year in second week of January.
  2. To be in with a chance to win, entrants must sign up to the Polo-Shirts.co.uk newsletter. In doing this permission is given for entrants to receive marketing emails.
  3. £100 credit will be added to your Polo-Shirts.co.uk account and can be used on any future order.
  4. Winner must be contactable. If winner has not responded within 2 weeks, an alternative winner will be chosen.
  5. Polo-Shirts.co.uk reserves the right to end any promotion at any time.

2013 December 26

Front_Row_Sewn_Stripe_Rugby_Shirt-2168-511What are your rights if you receive something you don’t want, can’t use, doesn’t fit … not as many as you might imagine. There’s no legal redress for being given a rubbish or inappropriate gift, sadly!

1. However, lots of retailers do offer a goodwill policy that may either be an exchange for goods of similar value, or a refund, providing that you have the receipt. So the first question is – are you willing to let that gifter know you’re going to swap their present for something else?

If not, you might like to try some of these:

2. Make a profit: if the gift didn’t cost you anything, you can always sell it on eBay – bear in mind though, that the same thing applies as point 1 – your gift-giver may spot you flogging off their gift online!

3. Be a good citizen: take the garment to a charity shop and let the worthy cause benefit from it.

4. Re-gifting: put it away until next Christmas, or the point at which somebody gives you an unexpected birthday present … then perhaps your unwanted clothing will become the perfect gift to give to somebody else. Of course, take care you don’t give the orange rugby shirt to anybody who will come into contact with the person who gave it to you in the first place and don’t give a pair of pink leggings to your hyper-masculine uncle Bert, just to get rid of them!

5. Re-purpose: Cut the sleeves off a jacket and it might make a great fleece for running or gardening. The hideous scarf can be turned into a kitsch cushion – just use your imagination, as you’ll lose nothing by getting creative with something you didn’t like anyway!

2013 December 10

sleeveless fleeceBritain is once again experiencing periods of extreme weather followed by unseasonable mild spells. It’s difficult to know how to dress for such conditions, especially if you’re travelling. Christmas adds to the problem, by requiring that we dress reasonably well, whilst imposing journeys in unpredictable and sometimes terrible conditions.

Cycling, walking, spectating

Whether it’s snowballs in the park or Boxing Day rugby, dressing to have fun is vital over the winter. A sleeveless fleece or body warmer offers excellent insulation of the torso, whilst allowing complete freedom of movement. Worn with a scarf, gloves and hat, a sleeveless fleece can be a great investment if you’re expecting to be active. Top it with a high-visibility tabard or vest if cycling so you don’t become a bad weather statistic.

Car journeys

Layering is important. Cars get hot, so people need to take layers off, then you stop for a comfort break and everybody gets cold and needs to pile the clothing on again. Jog pants are ideal for drivers as they give comfort and ease and you can put on your smart clothing when you arrive.

Mass transport

Trains, coaches and planes bring their own problems including the risk of delay at airports and railway stations and the possibility of getting into traffic jams that leave you spending hours on a hot and often a little whiffy form of transport with a lot of other people. Make sure you put a spare top in your hand luggage along with some wet wipes and mouthwash. That way, even if you’re stranded, you’ll be able to make yourself presentable. If you’re hoping for an upgrade at the airport, a cotton shirt is the best thing to wear, with smart trousers or a skirt, but a polo shirt is nearly as acceptable. T-shirts and jeans are great to travel in but won’t get you that coveted business class seat!

2013 December 6

onesie, christmas giftIt crept up on us via the slanket and has been derided by just about every TV comic but the onesie is this year’s big clothing success.

World Diabetes day in November was celebrated by inviting people to wear onesies to work, and the twinsie (a two person onesie for those who just can’t get close enough) has just gone on sale in time for Christmas.

But how do you choose the perfect onesie?

A onesie is the ultimate in casual comfortable clothing so it needs to be just the right size. Don’t choose anything too tight as it will be constricting, nor too loose as it will start to feel like a duvet and be difficult to move around in.

Focus on the unisex – because onesies are made for both men and women you can relax about colour and style, just select something that really appeals to your taste or the taste of the lucky recipient.

Weight – some onesies are lightweight and others are made of fleece or more heavy-duty fabric that adds to their heat-retention capacity.

Onesies to avoid, unless you’re very certain they’ll be well received are:

•    Nude suits – even with fig leaves, the apparently naked body onesies have caused consternation in several locations with one university banning them in halls of residence because they cause alarm and offence to other students!

•    Teletubby onesies – whilst cute enough on children, there is something disturbing about seeing a grown man or woman dressed as a teletubby – it was disturbing enough when the teletubbies did it, without having looky-likey teletubbies in the home.

•    Flag onesies – fun for about five minutes, the Union Jack and Stars and Stripes style onesies can look aggressively patriotic and in addition, are very tough on the eye after a party night – more subdued colours will be better accepted.

2013 November 27

Result_Ski_Hat_30_362A Girl Called Jack has become famous for living frugally, and she has a few tips on how to keep warm in winter, many of which are clothing related:

1.    Slippers – or fleecy foot things or even thick socks, buy them cheap, wear them from the minute you get home until you have to leave the house.
2.    Tights and leggings – these can take the place of expensive thermal underwear, and cost a lot less. Similarly old T-shirts or camisoles can be layered under other tops to create air pockets which keep you warmer.
3.    Jack also recommends that you “Wear a hat indoors. I know it sounds a bit daft but (apparently) a lot of heat is lost through your head, I’m not sure about the science but I certainly always feel warmer with a hat pulled down around my ears. In the coldest months I even sleep in my hat, and it’s the best warm and cosy feeling!” If you’re going to go for this, why not invest in a snug beanie and try the experiment for yourself?

Netmums also recommends layering and thick socks, but adds the idea of wrapping yourself in blankets and throws to keep warm … if you’re not quite that into layering, a onesie can be the perfect alternative. It’s a great way to keep warm either layered under outdoor clothing or with T-shirts and leggings layered underneath.

The Lincolnshire Echo has another idea – given that Lincoln is said to experience winds directly from Siberia, it might be worth pursuing. “Keep active. Move around the house at least once an hour and don’t sit down for long periods of time. Even light exercise will help keep you warm.” So perhaps the best idea is to put your leggings under other clothing to make layers and strip off the outer layers to jog round your home every hour!

2013 November 25

emeraldThis year’s top three fashion tips are extremely clear, which is rare.

1.    Trench coats and military detailing – both are big, but they are quite different. Trench coat styles are happening in soft colours: dove grey, camel, even powder blue, but the military detailing is much more inclined towards camouflage colouring and lots of shiny brown leather. Don’t combine the two as you will just end up looking like an activist for the Far Right.

2.    Emerald – it’s going to be a huge winter colour, apparently, which makes it even more odd that it hasn’t featured in any of the big Christmas adverts in the UK. Still, if it’s going to be big, know how to wear it. In formal clothing, emerald can only be teamed with black shoes, preferably suede or velvet: no gold, no silver, no dodgy ‘almost the same shade of green’. Just black. In casual clothing, emerald works brilliantly with faded denim and with charcoal grey, so consider a green hoodie with jeans or an emerald polo shirt with grey leggings.

3.    50 Shades of Grey – still big, as ever, but this year grey is layered. It’s an easy look to pull off, but if you’re wearing three shades of grey remember to add some colour to your outfit or you’ll look like a zombie. A yellow scarf gives grey jackets a pop of colour or a peach or mint camisole under a grey scoop neck T-shirt adds a layer of warmth as well as a welcome touch of brightness.

2013 November 15

Regatta_Dover_Jacket-532-700Winter clothing is more expensive, at just the time when we have least money to spare – extra heating costs and Christmas on the way can wreak havoc with our budget. Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of the budget in the chilly months.

Work the percentages – financial planners say you should spent between 4-6% of your take home pay, benefits or grant allowance on clothing. Allow for cleaning clothes in that amount, and if you fall in love with an amazing coat that has to be dry-cleaned you have to include in the budget enough to get your coat cleaned as often as necessary.

Start with work – if you have to spend a certain amount on your career clothing, subtract that from the budget because it’s essential. What’s left is what you have as ‘discretionary spend’, the free money you can use as you choose. A job with a uniform obviously gives you much more scope to buy casual clothing!

Check your goals – if you’re saving to buy a motorbike or your own home, that probably takes priority over clothes, but there may be ways that you can combine the expenditure. A bike requires a good set of leathers or protective clothing … when you buy a jacket, why not make sure it’s a classic style and bike-appropriate – that way you won’t have extra expenditure once you get the bike itself.

Shop as a collective – get together with friends to take advantage of offers like free delivery over a certain amount or special offers such as three for the price of two, and split the savings between you.

2013 November 12

Fruit_of_the_Loom_Sleeveless_Fleece_29_320Oldie tattoos!  Led by David Dimbleby, who’s just had his first ink job, aged 75, tattoos and their display are a big theme for winter 2013 and spring 2014. The TV presenter and journalist has opted for a scorpion on his right shoulder, as a result of researching tattoos for his programme ‘Britain and the Sea’ in which he discovered that tattoos were brought to the UK by sailors who’d seen them in the South Seas.

So if you’ve got your tat and want to show it off, how do you dress?

•    Neck and head tattoos are still dodgy – considered de rigueur in some prisons and professions (muay thai and crystal meth dealing for example) they still have the capacity to shock.  For winter wear, a simple scarf and beanie hat can ensure that you reveal your great ink to the cognoscenti but hide it from maiden aunts and prospective employers.
•    Forearm tattoos are totally acceptable – what a path David Beckham charted for us, making the bared arm with big ink into a statement of British bulldog charm. The best way to display your arm ink is to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt or sweatshirt with a gilet or sleeveless fleece over the top. That way you can push up your sleeves and show your art without losing the warmth provided by a body-hugging sleeveless jacket.
•    Leg art – it’s a trickier one in winter. Your best hope is to invest in some great pants and hope that the love of your life will admire your tatts as you swagger from the bathroom in your budgie smugglers!

2013 November 6

Jerzees_Colours_Ladies_Hydraplus_Jkt_29_417Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Cosmo, Vanity Fair … they all have their top tips for winter fashion and we’ve decided that, nice as their versions are, the average woman needs a capsule set of clothing a little less likely to cost more than the monthly mortgage payment!

Sadly, winter clothes are more expensive than summer, it’s down to heavier weight fabric, the need to make clothing wind and waterproof and the fact that summer clothes generally get worn for a few weeks only, while winter clothing has to make it through at least three months of dire temperatures.

So, here are our tips to get your fashion wardrobe at budget prices:

A simple but really well-waterproofed casual jacket adds comfort and style to your wardrobe. Our top tip is to buy a formal jacket in tweed or corduroy that will fit neatly under your big winter waterproof – that way you can dump the top coat when you get to your destination and look as smart as paint whilst feeling totally toasty.

Coloured boots are a big deal this winter – look out for red, burgundy and violet shades, rather than tan or black, as the brighter colours pep up a largely neutral winter wardrobe.

Layered T-shirts work brilliantly. Wear a short sleeved shirt over a long-sleeve T-shirt for a casual but cosy look. Layer a camisole under a scoop neck long-sleeve T-shirt for a strappy sassy look. In really cold weather, two long-sleeved T-shirts layered together give insulation without bulk.

Fur prints are still huge news, especially in metallic finishes. Invest in a big scarf of silver leopard print or bronze tiger stripes and learn fifty ways to tie it!

2013 October 21

Uneek_Premium_TShirt_25_371Few of us have the cash to splash on costumes this year, and why bother, when you can create a brilliant costume with a couple of accessories, simply from what you already have in your wardrobe … or, more likely, on the bedroom floor!

If you get a last minute invitation to a Halloween party why not try one of our bargain outfits, guaranteed to raise a smile!

If you can bear to sacrifice a T-shirt, perhaps one with a tatty image that’s become cracked and faded, you can make a stunning skull effect.

Skull T-shirt

You need two T-shirts, one white or cream and the other any colour you fancy. If it’s been printed you need to turn it inside out to make the design work.  Now find a picture of a skull silhouette, as wacky or stylised as you like and scale it up so it forms a large enough image to really stand out on the front of the T-shirt and with sharp scissors, carefully cut out the eye sockets, nose and teeth. Then put the T-shirt on, over the white or cream one, and you have an amazing cutaway skull costume, for no money!

  • Version 1 – to give it a Damien Hirst vibe, buy some diamante fabric and glue that under the holes, to may a reverse ‘diamond skull’.
  • Version 2 – for added ghoulishness, buy a couple of plastic spiders and sew one into a eye socket, while the other can dangle on a thread from one of the teeth!

Road to Hell

This is really simple idea, great for guys. Just pull on a black T-shirt and black jeans or jog pants and then cut yellow tape into short sections and use it to make road markings up the middle of the T-shirt. With black cotton, sew a couple of toy cars to the ‘road’ and around the neck, glue or sew some red and yellow crepe paper flames. Highly committed costume makers might want to perch a little demon with a pitchfork on their shoulder to give this outfit the final touch.

Life Aquatic

A great one for girls who don’t want to do the witch or vampire thing for Halloween. Dress in a white sweatshirt with white jeans or, if you’re not feeling the cold, white cut-offs. Use an transparent plastic umbrella and hang various plastic sea creatures from the spokes, to dangle inside as if floating. Bend and tape glow sticks to the edge of the umbrella to create a cool glowing underwater effect. Consider wearing goggles if you’re not vain.